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From the history

In the 18th century property with vast lands and forests near the village VisokyiyeShapki belonged to the princes Lubomirski.During the war of 1812 Lubomirski actively helped the troops of Napoleon, collecting food and feed-stuff for the French army.

After the war, feeling guilty before the Russian Empire Lubomirski began to build a mansion house in the Grange Katishin ( the Eastern edge of the village Yurtsevo) for the treatment of invalids and veterans of the war of 1812.

On the territory of the former estate of princes Lubomirski November 3, 1953 according to the order of the Ministry of health of the BSSR the only in the Republic antitubercular hospital for invalids of the Great Patriotic war " Yurtsevo for 300 beds was opened.

During the long years of its work in the field of medical care in stationary conditions the hospital has accumulated rich experience, transmitted through mentoring from generation to generation, based on professionalism, sensitive, caring, compassionate attitude towards patients.

Using materials of the hospital, made by our doctors in different years,1 doctoral and 4 candidates dissertations have been protected. 4 innovation proposalswere made, two of which are a priority in Belarus.In the process of practical activity more than 60 printed works have been published by our doctors.

Today the establishment of health protection Vitebsk regional hospital of the invalids of the Great Patriotic War Yurcevo is a modern health care facility, providing highly qualified medical treatmentinstationary conditions for invalids and participants of wars, for categories of persons, equal in privileges to them, as well as the regional center of medical rehabilitation of neurological ,orthopedic-trauma , cancer profiles.

The establishment of health protection
"Vitebsk regional hospital of the invalids of the Great Patriotic War "Yurcevo"


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